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Eugene W. Stunard, MAI, was honored in 2006 with his selection to the Chicago Association of REALTORS® HALL OF FAME.
1987 Thomas F. Seay
1988Harry F. Chaddick
1989Marshall Bennett
1990Arthur Rubloff
1991Norman Perlmutter
1992Jack Guthman
1993Jerrold Wexler
1995Richard L. Pollay
1996Nicholas S. Gouletas
1997Daniel Levin
Daniel E. McLean
Miles Berger
1998Evangeline Gouletas
Lowell I. Stahl
1999Eugene Golub
Sam Zell
2000Sheldon F. Good
Elzie Higginbottom
2001J. Paul Beitler
2002Ronald J. Benach
2003Gerald W. Fogelson
Albert C. Hanna
2004Steven D. Fifield
Daniel L. Goodwin
2005David K. Hill
Ronald B. Shipka
2006Eugene W. Stunard
John R. Newman


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